** Disclaimer as of 08/03/2022 ** In light of current events re: the Russian war against Ukraine, I am adding a trigger warning. This comic was drawn in 2019 and while the characters are mythical and animals, it does contain some violent imagery and references to political figures, including caricatures of Putin, Trump and Boris Johnson (FYI it is not pro- any of them, the animal warrior dogs totally f**k their sh*t up). This is a work of fiction and satire and was not intended to refer to any real-life events which have emerged since its release.


My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people at this time and while this self-published comic has made an overall loss, I have entirely separately donated something to the UK Disasters Emergency Comittee's Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal. I'd invite any of the few people who actually read these descriptions to forget about buying a comic book and do the same: https://www.dec.org.uk/


Welcome to Sharktopia. This is Sweet Sea Princess’ domain, although a recent bereavement leaves her in a state of limbo. The phone rings but she ignores the call. Then her father the King starts banging on about succession and responsibilities over dinner...


Suddenly whoever called that day doesn’t seem so unwelcome. And so begins the adventure!


Join Sweet Sea Princess and her band of fellow enchanted animals on their epic quest. Expect samurai dogs, bionics and a villainous turn from a very familiar dragon.


(Full colour comic book, 60 pages, perfect bound)

Animal Spirits comic book