[NEW RELEASE] Endswell is a Family-Comedy-Drama-Memory-Comic. This is episode 3 of 5 - a reconstructed dramatisation-chronicle of a family car journey, to Swanny's funeral, in 2006.


Full colour comic book, 56 pages, with a spine.


Expanding on the story so far, adding colour and detail and humour to the situation, as viewed through the prismatic lens of a family unit.


In memory of Swanny (1922-2006).


'Warm, witty and worrying, a story of Allswellian proportions' - Jenny Robins, Artist and Author of 'Biscuits'


'Hard-hitting and Earnest' - Any Oliver, Broken Frontier Editor-in-Chief


'Almost makes me feel human again.' - Dylan Wyn Owen, Comics Creator and VFX Maestro

Endswell Chapter 3