Endswell BUNDLE - episodes 1-3 collected together. A total of 116 pages.


Episode 1 - The Family Photo


Episode 2 - Dog-Eat-Dog


Episode 3 - Swanny


Endswell is a Family-Comedy-Drama-Memory Comic. You might like this if you like slice-of-life, warm humour, bonkers situations, dogs, horses, cats and humans... Covering themes of family responsibility, 'eccentricity', crisis, relationships, finding the good in the bad, end-of-life decline and its impact/consequences.

'Hard-hitting and Earnest.' - Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier Editor-in-Chief


'Warm, Witty and Worrying, a story of Allswellian proportions.' - Jenny Robins, Artist and Author of 'Biscuits'


'Almost makes me feel human again.' - Dylan Wyn Owen, Comics Artist and VFX Maestro

Endswell Chapters 1-3 BUNDLE