24-Hour Comic, self-published. Softcover, 24 pages, staple-bound, size A5. That old scenario again: How many of these serious Monkeys does it take to tell this story of our hero's journey up a mountain and into the hearts and minds of the townsfolk?

Monkeys in Suits with Typewriters

  • Written by Monkeys in Suits with Typewriters (and drawn at a rate of 1 page per hour for 24 hours), this tale follows a spiritual and technological journey. Featuring a sole protagonist who becomes an unwitting spiritual figure once he runs away from his home town. Featuring a giant owl buddy, a DIY exo-skeleton, a cave atop a mountain, a road of trials and a town square. The rough-edged and surreal nature of the story comes from it's experimental production process. Will you try your hand at a 24-Hour Comic?