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Welcome to my portfolio website. Live Illustration is the main service I provide. Also known as Graphic Recording or Visual Scribing, it is a powerful tool for engagement at conferences, workshops, webinars, panel discussions and many more events.


Using a visual language and storytelling techniques from comics and cartooning, I listen carefully and visualise stories, information, discussions, vision and ambitions, providing an insightful mnemonic which connects ideas and often brings humour and energy to the content.

I also do (not live) commissioned illustration and design work, often related to consulting services or company vision & strategy, plus the occasional book cover or spot illustration/s. 


And: I have written and drawn 'small press' or indie comics, which you can buy at my website shop along with a fun comic-on-a-teatowel or other merch (click the button below).


Selection of Clients:

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digital scribing marketing society
"So amazing to see how you take all that information and summarise it so well and so fantastically! such a fabulous asset to our content - thank you"

Rachel Letham (Montague-Ebbs) - Head of Communications The Marketing Society

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